Friday, January 18, 2019

Thomas County General Conditions and Scope of work

1.       Roofing contractor to have a current Kansas roofing contractor license

2.       Bid bond or cashier’s check  required in the amount of 5% of total bid

3.       Roofing contractor to furnish proof of insurance

4.       All metal panels shall be gauge specified on individual building specifications,see attachment

5.       All trim components shall match gauge of corresponding wall or roof panels.

6.       Color of panels and trim shall match as close as possible to existing building colors

7.       Contractors to figure all labor material and lifting equipment to complete jobs as specified

8.       Roofing contractor to coordinate disconnect and reconnect of any services on buildings,Thomas County  is responsible for any fees associated with disconnect and reconnect of any utilities

9.       Roofing contractor to dispose of all material removed from buildings, all material removed from buildings shall become property of Roofing Contractor

10.   Roofing contractor to supply owner with a 2 year workmanship warranty and a 40 year paint warranty