Friday, January 18, 2019






Thomas County will receive bids for the re-roof of buildings located at:


1230 and 1260 Sunflower – Thomas County Road & Bridge (shops)

1860 County Road 22 – Thomas County Landfill / HHW

1255 S. Country Club – Thomas County Emergency Management

815 East College Drive – Thomas County Recycling Center

Colby, KS 67701,




1. Project Scope: Roofing and wall panel removal and installation. See attachment.


2. Notice to Contractors: Prior to submitting a bid each contractor is expected to:


 Personally and physically inspect the premises of the proposed work in

    order to arrive at a clear understanding of the conditions under which all

    work is to be accomplished.


 No extra consideration will subsequently be allowed by reason of error or

    oversight on the part of the contractor upon submittal of bid.


 If there is other work in progress the contractor shall coordinate his work

    with all existing adjacent work and shall be responsible for coordination of

    all other sub-trades so as to facilitate the general progress of the work.

    Each trade  shall afford all other trades every reasonable opportunity for

    the installation of the work, protection of completed approved work, and

    for secure storage of materials & equipment.


3. Types of Bids Required:


    A. Bidders shall submit both a lump-sum price and unit costs for all items shown

         on the County Bid Proposal Form.


    B. Bids shall be provided for the basic project


    C. Conditional bids or voluntary alternates will not be considered.


4. Time of Completion: The project is to be completed within 120 calendar days

    measured from the date of the Board’s signing of the contract.


5. Insurance: Contractor shall submit with bid a copy of Worker’s Compensation

    coverage;General Liability coverage and Automobile Liability Coverage.


6. Time and Place of Submission and Opening of Bids:


   A. Time: Bid proposals shall be submitted on or before Friday, March 31, 2017, at

         the hour of 9:00 a.m.


   B. Place: All bids shall be submitted at the following location: Thomas County Clerk’s office in a sealed envelope clearly marked for bid purposes


   C. Bids will be opened on Friday, March 31, 2017, at 9:05 a.m. with the awarding or declining of sealed bids to occur on Monday, April


   D. All information requested of the bidder shall be entered in the appropriate

    space(s) on form(s)provided herein. Failure to do so may disqualify your



   E. Submit bid only in a sealed envelope, bearing the title of: Thomas County Re-roofing bid    and the bidder’s name.


   F. Bids must be submitted by the closing date prior to the time specified to be

    considered. No telegraphic, facsimile or telephone bids will be accepted.


   G. Upon submission of bid documents, all such documents shall become the

     property of the County.


7. Quantity and Quality of Materials or Services: Al lmaterials and supplies

    furnished inthe bid shall be in accordance with the specifications detailed in the

    Scope of work.


8. Award: A combination of the following factors will be considered in awarding this

    bid. These factors are not necessarily listed in order of priority.


   A. Prices.


   B. Quality and conformance to specifications.


   C. Experience.


   D. Similar type of projects performed.


9. Each bid shall follow the format specified by the County.


10. Licensing/Qualifications: The Contractor shall possess a Kansas Roofing licenses at the time of submission of bid.  All work shall be performed by a licensed,bonded and

     insured contract or and his crew.


11. Rejection of Bids: Thomas County reserves the rightto reject all bids.


12. The project specifications for there-roof are attached and marked “Project

    Scope of work”. These minimum specifications are not intended to be

    restrictive, but descriptive of the type and quality of product the County

    desires to obtain. Bidders will not be allowed to make unauthorized



13. Bid sheet and specifications are attached.