Friday, December 13, 2019

Shelly Harms, County Clerk and Election Officer


8am-5pm, Monday - Friday

Contact Information:

County Clerk, Shelly Harms -  785-460-4500 


Deputy Clerk Susan 


Assistant Deputy Clerk Glenita 


Clerk I - Ronda Skibbe



300 N Court Avenue

Colby, KS 67701

Phone: (785) 460-4500
Fax: (785) 460-4503


Minimize Duties of the Clerk

The County Clerk is responsible for a wide range of duties as specified by Kansas State Statutes:

  • Serves as Secretary to the Board of County Commissioners; attends Commissioner meetings; prepares and posts agendas and keeps meeting minutes; maintains proceedings of Commissioners' meeting, including all contracts and agreements entered into by the County.
  • Receives and compiles all budgets submitted by County entities, the city, and the school district; presents budget to County Commissioners for consideration and revisions;
  • Compiles, calculates and prepares tax levies;
  • Prepares real estate, personal property and state assessed tax roll and certifies to County Treasurer;
  • Prepares the County's Annual Financial Report and Quarterly Financial Reports;
  • Accumulates and files a bond indebtedness report for all taxing entities in the county;
  • Carries out all elections and certifies to the Secretary of State; maintains voter database; accepts filings for public office; keeps financial statements of expenses form county, city, school district candidates;
  • Provides Accounts Payable and Payroll functions for all County departments; receives all claims filed against the County;
  • Administers the County employee benefits program, including health insurance and retirement plans;
  • Maintains personnel records, job descriptions and the County Policy Manual;
  • Maintains inventories for all County departments including County-owned vehicles;
  • Provides assistance to county residents in preparing Homestead Property Tax Refund Applications for the Kansas Department of Revenue;
  • Issues Cereal Malt Beverage Licenses to establishments outside city limits;
  • Issues Kansas Wildlife and Park permits;

If You Want A Mail Ballot You'll Need to Fill Out this Form-- Available in the County Clerk's Office or Online at Kansas Secretary of State's website.



Maximize Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Calendar
January 1 -
All real and personal property is assessed for tax value.
February 15 -
Unpaid personal property tax warrants are turned over to County Sheriff.
March 1 -
Value notices are mailed to all owners of real property unless an extension has been granted.
May 1 -
Value notices are mailed to all owners of personal property unless an extension has been granted.
May 10 -
Second half of property taxes are due without penalty.
June 15 -
Appraiser certifies all real and personal property to County Clerk.
July 15 -
County Clerk certifies all real and personal values to state.
August 1 -
Unpaid real estate taxes are published in the newspaper.
August 15 -
Unpaid second half personal tax warrants are turned over to County Sheriff.
August 25 -
All taxing jurisdictions submit annual budget to County Clerk.
First Tuesday of September -
Unpaid real estate tax properties are sold to the county.
October 31 -
Unpaid personal property tax warrants are published in the newspaper
and filed as judgment liens in the county's district court.
November 1 -
County Clerk certifies taxes to be collected to County Treasurer.
November 1 - December 15 -
County Treasurer mails tax statements to all property owners. No second half reminders are sent.
December 20 -

Full or first half property taxes are due without penalty.